Friday, August 6, 2010

taking us somewhere

Ok! So we are about to start high school at Murrieta Mesa High School. Kenzie and I have 2 classes together but then a few of our teachers are the same. We are soooo excited! So many opportunities, friends wise, and career wise! We are happy to be going back, we really want to see our friends! The education part of school well aren't that excited but still. like I'm excited for drama! yay! i have 2 drama classes!!!! :) So hoping this will be a jump start in my career! And kenzie wants to be a writer! she is sooooo talented! And she is taking advance English! She is going to excel in that class! That's for sure!!!!! We are both hoping our future jobs will start to develop here in high school. There are many writers who published books at the age of 15, and there are many teen actors/ actress. So kenzie and I are excited! :D Now lets see where this will take us!

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