Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shooting Stars!!!

Value this time in your life, because once you get older there is no turning back. Do the things your age allows you, so once you are older you can look back and think "hey i got to do that!" instead of wishing you could have. Many people say "live like your dieing" or " live life to the fullest" well that's true. Go through life doing all the things you dreamed of! Once you have reached a point in you life when you aren't able to do many things you will look back and think of all the crazy things you were able to do and see!

I try my best to live by those terms. Kenzie and I always do the silliest things, but we know by doing them we will have the memories to look back at! So follow your dreams, shoot for the stars, and see where you end up!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Funny Times!

Our sisterhood is valued very much in daily life! We recently spent a WHOLE week together and we stayed up almost every night with the occasional nap of course lol! Through that week we had so many incredible FUNNY times!!!! Haha so many inside joke, that when we went to write them down it took a page and we still forgot half of them lol! If you hav a great friend value it because you never know when life will get bummpy and you will need a friend to just speak your mind to. Kenzie and I tell eachother everything! We do the silliest things to, we alway laugh our butts off and that is a good thing to take the stress off life! lol!

Where's Your Sister????

From the Beginning~Kenzie's side

Okay. So...ya. In seventh grade me and Cassidy had the same drama class. I heard stories that she was not a nice person but i don't normally believe rumors. One day we had to give speeches and during hers, Cassidy said her middle name was Monster. Everyone was silent but i thought it was cool. I also thought why on earth her parents did that!?!? Anyways, listening to the rumors about her and just observing her behavior, I didn't like her. Then the class grew closer. Me and Cassidy would talk and hang out. I thought she was funny and just like me...only white...and blonde...and blue eyed. LOL. So that's how we became friends. Then we became sisters. Now we are amazing!!!!!! :)

From the Begining~Cassidy's side

It all started in seventh grade. Theater Arts was our third period class. On the first week of school our teacher Mr.Ryan assigned our first speech, The Me Speech! We were required to write a short speech about ourselves and present it to the class. So, I wanted my class to know that I had a unique middle name, Cassidy Monster Merideth. When giving my speech I told everyone I was proud of my middle name and everyone was just staring at me like I was nuts! Thats when i saw Kenzie, she had this look on her face that said "Curious yet Bizarre!" Thats when I knew we could possible be friends. As time went on we weren't exactly friends, but not enemies. That theater class became a family and everyone was close, Kenzie and I became wonderful friends. Now Kenzie and I are sisters!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!