Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do you have one?

Do you have a sister that you can tell everything too? is she there for you when your down and blue? can you spend days with her and not get tired? do you guys create the greatest molments together that will last a life time? do you guys ever argue?

These are questions I would ask myself when you think you are friends with someone. because if you can do everything together and not get bored, tired, and not argue then that's amazing! Now you can really know if you guys are sisters or just really close friends.

Its wonderful to have close friends but its amazing to have a sister. close friends are great to have don't get me wrong but having a sister like kenzie is truly beneficial!!!!! we do so much together, and if we aren't together then we are txting or chatting on Facebook. we are always confident that if something happens we can tell each other right away. normally if anything great, or horrible happens then we go to each other first before anything.

So ask yourself again the questions from above. Think! is she the one you want to be your sister.

Kenzie is my sister and she is the most perfect one to have as a sister! that was one of my best decisions ever! having her as my sister!!! <3 you sis!

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